End Fed Matchbox Testimonials

Here is a sampling of some of the feedback I am getting on the HF Mutiband End Fed Matchbox Antenna.

“The fact that it’s an end fed antenna that really works [emphasis added -Ed] makes it an attractive option for new hams on a budget. It has a lower initial setup cost when you figure the cost of coax, support rope along with less real estate tied up makes it the go-to antenna in my book.” -Don, WB8PPB

Mike, K9MJA posted on his blog about the matchbox and has a video comparing the receive performance against his dipole. Check it out: “Another Wire in the Air

“I purchased your matchbox in May along with 60 ft of #26 “invisible” wire with the intention of using a balloon as my verticle support. The wire only weighs 1.7 ounces (USPS) and will stay up all day on one tank of helium. The matchbox works fantastic with my FT-897D and tunes with the LDG AT-897. One of my friends (on the second floor of an HOA condo) saw my antenna and thought he could use it to hide from the bldg manager. He ended up using magnet wire strung from the matchbox to a bush near his window using braided fishing line. So far he is strong both to the southeast and into South America using an Icom 746, with a built in tuner, on 100 watts or less and the matchbox is well hidden from view on the window opening. Looks like I’m going to have to buy another matchbox :)” -WB8PPB, Central Michigan.” [Note: He did buy a second one! -Ed]

“…thanks for the great service and support.” – Glenn

“Got the antenna today. Threw it out the window and started out! Worked Canada, new York, etc. Awesome! Tuned all bands with yaesu 450d. 160,80,40 to 10m SWR 1.5 to one or less. Great!” – modem1

“Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my purchase. Just to check things out, I did a temporary setup as a sloper running East to West from a second story window to the top of a privacy fence using the provided 50′ wire and using 25′ of coax with no counterpoise. I hooked it up to a Yaesu FT-897 with a LDG AT-897 Plus tuner. Operating on 17 Meters, I found a pile up on a Ham in Russia. I broke the pile up on my first try.I have found my new “Go To Antenna” for use with my RV and for Field Day . Thanks for the great product.” – Stratos189

“I dropped the wire out of my 4th floor window and tied it off on a fence with the provided rope. It’s angled as a 45 degree sloper at about 5 feet off the ground at the bottom and 4 stories at the top. It’s working well specially on 40 meters.” – Steve

“Seller was very helpful with suggestions and shipped super fast!” – Kevin

“Very good communication Very Helpful. Nice product.” – rahjr8

“Nice piece of equipment. Good communications! HAM spirit :)” – pnousiai

“PERFECT! Works great and arrived sooner than expected. Very satisfied.” – bobn0wyf

“Came today. Out the window-Bamm! 20+ ECARS. Thanks.” – chesterjagidedge

“It works well. Use 16 ft of coax as specified. Fast shipping and arrival.” – rsc373

“Thanks for a great product, well made and it works great!” – justmerl

“Works Perfect!” – joeytheg1

“Very good quality and fast delivery. I definitely recommend this product.” – wbkesler

“Good directions for use.” – anniemax45

“Great antenna, excellent service.” – studebakerbill2012

ìHooked to 40 feet of wire about 10 feet off the ground, it shows a 1:1 match 160 through 6, using an Icom IC-706 and AT-180 tuner. Delivery was five business days from Kentucky. It’s pretty hard to beat for [the price], especially compared to the LNR Precision (PAR) EndFedz EF-Quad at $125 (and it only works 40-20-15-10)!î — Bill, K1NIT

ìBought your 9.1 matchbox and put it up as a cap.A without the bar, hi hi works like a charm thank you. Up 35′ with two 30′ legs. Works on all bands with my [Icom] 756Pro3.î ñ Bob, WI1X

“So far so good. Mounted the box about 30-35 ft above ground on a tripod on my garage. As you can see from attached photo, I have a lot of trees in the area. Using about 53ft of 14 ga. wire with a counterpoise. I have an RF choke 12 ft down my coax, so I thought a counterpoise would be in order. Previously used a 40-6 meter OCF dipole that would tune on 40-30 and 15 with pretty good results. This new set up tunes up well (with my MFJ-9949E tuner) on 80-40-30-17-15-12 and ten meters. Much better… I will keep it up over the summer before I try some longer wire (60-71ft.)… Sig reports are about the same as with other antenna (50 watts out) but a bigger selection of bands and it has xyl approval for invisibility. Also easy to get to and take down for any modifications. Great product.” — Dwight, AD7RA