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Tom’s Radio Room Show Tests My End Fed SWL Antenna

A couple of weeks ago, Tom Stiles, who produces a YouTube show, Tom’s Radio Room, contacted me and asked if he could review my W4KGH Economy SWL Antenna. I sent him one and am happy to report that he has done some thorough testing on my product. The latest and most conclusive test of the series, TRRS #0839 – Antenna Testing Using SNR, is shown here, but there are several others you might want to watch:

TRRS #0817 – Shortwave Antennas to be Tested:
TRRS #0823 – Setting up Antennas for Testing:
TRRS #0827 – Real End Fed Antenna:
TRRS #0828 – End Fed Antenna Testing???:
TRRS #0829 – End Feeding Antenna Testing:

All of these videos are informative and give you a better idea of how the SWL antenna box works. I like Tom’s laid back style and he is quite thorough in his examination. You might want to subscribe to his channel if you find the information interesting. I thank Tom for taking the time and showing his interest in my product.