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W4KGH end fed matchbox antenna overcomes poor site conditions

IMG_0856There’s no substitute for a real-life experience when it comes to a product testimonial, especially with ham radio antenna reviews. My multiband end fed antenna, a matchbox antenna based on the EARCHI (sometimes called EARC) antenna plans, is a great performer. I regularly hear from customers about how well it is working for them. If you are at all skeptical over what you are about to read, let me tell you up front that I do not offer anything in exchange for my customers’ feedback: The testimonials and reviews I receive are unsolicited. They are also published only with my customers’ permission which allows me to reveal their full names and call signs.

A recent customer asked me to expedite shipment so he could receive the antenna prior to heading out on a camping trip. I did so, and he received it on time (I do pride myself on providing the best customer service in our hobby). Here is his report on using the product during his expedition:


Just a quick note regarding the end fed antenna I ordered recently and took on my camping trip.

My location on the St. Lawrence River was in a shallow depression with solid granite rock rising about 12 to 100 feet all around me – NOT a great location to say the least.  Using just a small stone, I was able to get the end of the end fed wire up about 15 ft onto a tree branch, most of the antenna was only about 8 feet off the ground – lol!

The antenna loads up beautifully using my Yaesu FT-897 and associated LDG-100 tuner.  Flat VSWR!

I was able to run the radio at 100 watts and even though I was sandwiched in between solid granite rock and had power line noise that was pretty steady around S7, I did manage to work Spain, Denmark, Czech Republic as well as stateside stations!  I was happy!  I was able to keep my ham urges satisfied which was the goal.  My next camping trip is coming up in a couple weeks, the only thing I have to work on is getting an extension pole of some sort maybe that will reach 15 to 20 feet in order to get the antenna up a bit further.  BUT, the antenna does as I wanted it to, so I’m a “happy camper”!  It’ll be going with me to Florida also for my 2 month jaunt down there in late winter.

73 and thanks too again for the nice pen!

Gary Sroka
Utica, NY

This is the kind of testimonial that keeps this ham interested in making top quality products. And while you can find similar products out there by various other companies, you won’t find anyone with the passion and dedication to stellar customer service that I have.

Buy from me!

73, de Ken W4KGH

Beach house portable installation report from Mike, ND4S

Thanks to Mike, ND4S, who recently purchased the W4KGH end fed antenna and took it along on vacation to operate portable. Here’s what he sent me:

I am home from the beach week and have a report of my portable operation using your antenna. I ran 100 watts from a Ten Tec Eagle w/ internal tuner. I could get a match on all low bands except 40 & 80 meters with just the internal tuner. Using the MFJ Tuner Extender I got a good match on 40 & 80 also. I used the antenna as supplied, I guess that is 55 feet, maybe I should have trimmed it to 53 feet. The far end of the antenna was up about 40 feet on a DX Engineering fiberglass telescoping mast. I am sending photos showing the mast, makeshift insulation (water pipe insulation) where the antenna touched the gutter & downspout, unun location & log page. I put a choke at the unun & ran two 32′ counterpoise wires, one opposite direction from the sloping antenna wire and the other running under the antenna wire, both about 8’above ground. My log speaks for itelf, considering the miserable summer band condx. The installation was somewhat of a compromise but then it was a compromise location, the beach cottage was only 34′ wide so the antenna sloped down and turned down the side of the cottage about 10′. I hope this info is useful, or at least interesting!

beach3 beach4 beach5 beach1 beach2


Tom’s Radio Room Show Tests My End Fed SWL Antenna

A couple of weeks ago, Tom Stiles, who produces a YouTube show, Tom’s Radio Room, contacted me and asked if he could review my W4KGH Economy SWL Antenna. I sent him one and am happy to report that he has done some thorough testing on my product. The latest and most conclusive test of the series, TRRS #0839 – Antenna Testing Using SNR, is shown here, but there are several others you might want to watch:

TRRS #0817 – Shortwave Antennas to be Tested:
TRRS #0823 – Setting up Antennas for Testing:
TRRS #0827 – Real End Fed Antenna:
TRRS #0828 – End Fed Antenna Testing???:
TRRS #0829 – End Feeding Antenna Testing:

All of these videos are informative and give you a better idea of how the SWL antenna box works. I like Tom’s laid back style and he is quite thorough in his examination. You might want to subscribe to his channel if you find the information interesting. I thank Tom for taking the time and showing his interest in my product.