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Memory Lane: My first rig

It’s sometimes hard to believe that I got my Novice license back in 1989–27 years ago. Even more amazing is that I made my first contacts on a station I built myself from Heathkit: the HW-9 transceiver, HFT-9 antenna tuner nd the PSA-9 power supply. Unfortunately, I am unable to locate a photo of my actual station, but here is one I found showing what I had:

HW9 station

I loved that rig and I often kick myself for having sold it to buy other VHF equipment after i got my Technician license. I loved QRP operating and I’m getting back into it. These days, I keep my eyes open at every hamfest and swap meet for a replacement for that great little rig.

73, de Ken W4KGH

A special testimonial

Many thanks to Art, W6GRT, who had this to say about the matchbox:

Hi Ken,
Great device!  I enjoyed it this afternoon for the first time.  I used my Youkits
HB-1B, Elecraft QRP ATU, followed by 25 feet of RG-8X, your matchbox, and
64 ft of wire sloping up my back hill tied to a plum tree.
First QSO, Simpsonville, South Carolina, followed by Redmond, WA.  I hope you do
very well with this product.  You and Begali keys have the best customer service
in our hobby.  I wish I could say the same for every ham radio product.
God Bless you and 73,
Art, W6GRT, Santa Clarita, CA