Beach house portable installation report from Mike, ND4S

Thanks to Mike, ND4S, who recently purchased the W4KGH end fed antenna and took it along on vacation to operate portable. Here’s what he sent me:

I am home from the beach week and have a report of my portable operation using your antenna. I ran 100 watts from a Ten Tec Eagle w/ internal tuner. I could get a match on all low bands except 40 & 80 meters with just the internal tuner. Using the MFJ Tuner Extender I got a good match on 40 & 80 also. I used the antenna as supplied, I guess that is 55 feet, maybe I should have trimmed it to 53 feet. The far end of the antenna was up about 40 feet on a DX Engineering fiberglass telescoping mast. I am sending photos showing the mast, makeshift insulation (water pipe insulation) where the antenna touched the gutter & downspout, unun location & log page. I put a choke at the unun & ran two 32′ counterpoise wires, one opposite direction from the sloping antenna wire and the other running under the antenna wire, both about 8’above ground. My log speaks for itelf, considering the miserable summer band condx. The installation was somewhat of a compromise but then it was a compromise location, the beach cottage was only 34′ wide so the antenna sloped down and turned down the side of the cottage about 10′. I hope this info is useful, or at least interesting!

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