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Downloadable Matchbox Assembly and Operation Instructions

radiotowerI’ve been providing printed paper instructions for my products since the beginning. This has always been time consuming and, I think, wasteful of paper and other resources. So, I’m Going Green by making all of the documents available online.

If you bought the assembled matchbox, you’ll want to download the Operating Instructionsthe Installation Diagram and the 9:1 UNUN Schematic Diagram. If you purchased the kit, you’ll also want to download the Kit Assembly Instructions. The last document is the instruction sheet for the original model that I sold prior to August of 2015.

Download Matchbox Operating Instructions

Download Matchbox Installation Diagram

9:1 UNUN Schematic Diagram

Download Matchbox Kit Assembly Instructions

Download Matchbox Operating Instructions for original model (prior to 8/2015)

Using the W4KGH SWL Receiving Antenna