The W4KGH HF Multiband End-fed Antenna

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“I am very pleased with the results…and have made several recommendations to purchase your matchbox.” — R.H.
“Antenna you won’t regret buying.” — KC9UNL
“Great little antenna.” — N9MXQ
“Excellent.” — AG6YK

The EFMBA-1 HF Multiband End Fed Antenna allows operation on any band from 80 through 6 meters using an end-fed wire antenna 53 feet in length. The matchbox comprises a 9:1 UNUN that brings the high impedance of a non-resonant end-fed wire into a range that most tuners can handle. This system requires an antenna tuner to achieve best performance. Some internal tuners may allow a good match. It’s recommended that you feed the system with good quality coax at least 25 feet long for best performance. The coax shield normally provides the counterpoise, so an additional counterpoise is optional.

The matchbox handles up to 150 watts. Excellent for QRP, Field Day, portable, emergency & general operations. (For more info, see Why use a multiband end-fed antenna?)

Handmade by Ken Harthun W4KGH and family using quality parts. This deluxe version is mounted in a laser-engraved Polycase ABS plastic box, has an optional connection for a counterpoise and features an eye bolt for hanging. I use only proven Micrometals brand toroids for best possible performance in the HF bands.

If you want to know just how well this matchbox works, read the reviews here There are also several comments from my customers listed on the testimonials page.

Three versions are available: Economy (matchbox only), as shown in the left hand photo above, Deluxe as shown in the right hand photo that includes dog bone insulator, 55 feet of antenna wire (color and size may vary from what’s shown in the photo), and 25 feet of #325 paracord; and, a Kit-DIY version that includes a pre-drilled 3.3″ x 3.3″ x 1.25″ Polycase ABS plastic box, MicroMetals brand T-157-2 powdered iron toroid, a supply of green, black, and red #22 solid hookup wire (to wind the transformer), SO-239 panel mount connector, and assorted hardware. Detailed assembly and operation instructions including a list of suppliers are downloadable here.

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CQ Amateur Radio magazine has an article on this matchbox in their January/February 2015 issue. Please see “Fine Tuning the End Fed Antenna” where you can read the details. The page also has some info on further tests that prove a choke and counterpoise make the matchbox perform much better.

Why buy one? Don, WB8PPB, sums it up nicely: “The fact that it’s an end fed antenna that really works makes it an attractive option for new hams on a budget.”


Ken Harthun, W4KGH